Trails End Sanctuary

Rio Grande Turkey: $800

Price above includes 2 nights lodging, drinks, meals and guides.

Additional nights: $100.00 per night per hunter.

Discounts are available for large groups.

Prices below are without lodging and meals.

Rio Grande Turkey: $600

Turkey Hunting Prices

What to Bring on your Oklahoma Turkey Hunting Trip:

Weapon of Choice


Camouflage Clothing and orange vest and hat

Good Boots


Rain Suit

COOLER to transport your meat home in

Oklahoma Turkey Hunting

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Trails End Sanctuary

We have over 30 years of experience guiding Oklahoma turkey hunts and several thousand acres leased in our area to provide substantial turkey hunting. Our success rates run 80% most years. We have a 30-day turkey hunting season in April with a couple days reserved for youth only. Mainly Rio Grande species are in our area with a few eastern mixes. We can accommodate most situations bow or shotgun and you can call if you prefer or we can. We book these limited Oklahoma turkey hunts sometimes over a year in advance so be sure to plan ahead of time if possible.

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Additional Services (additional cost):

Game Skinning and Quartering

Meat Processing


All hunters will be 1x1 with a guide. Non hunters are charged at $100 per day for food and lodging. If a shot results in a wounded animal, the hunter will pay the full cost of the animal as estimated by the guide.

To hold hunt dates, deposit is half down; the balance is due at time of hunt. Personal checks or cashier checks accepted for deposit. All hunts are limited so it’s best to book early.