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What is the Two Hundred Club?

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Trails End Sanctuary

The Two Hundred Club is an exclusive guild of members who have taken a deer with a gross score of 200 inches or greater. A difficult challenge, the 200-class harvest compared to all other class animals is about 7.5%. Try your luck and skill this Fall, take the two hundred challenge at Trails End Sanctuary.

Mother nature was good to us for the most part in 2022. It started out a little dry but caught up mid summer. So the antler growing season ended up around average. The key to proper ranch management is introducing the right genetics so even on those average growing seasons you can still produce larger than average white tails. This is the case with his giant whitetail. This group of hunters hit the time of year perfect. It was just as the bucks for establishing territories before the prime rut. After the morning hunt as the hunters were traveling back to the lodge this buck and another nice buck were spotted fighting for dominance at the edge of a patch of timber. The hunter and guide made a plan and got in position to head the buck off once the battle was over and as you can see the plan worked. Another great whitetail to put on the wall of fame. But more importantly great memories for all involved to share and cherish for years to come.

Buck of the Year & 200" Club