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The Two Hundred Club is an exclusive guild of members who have taken a deer with a gross score of 200 inches or greater. A difficult challenge, the 200-class harvest compared to all other class animals is about 7.5%. Try your luck and skill this Fall, take the two hundred challenge at Trails End Sanctuary.

​​​​​​​​​​​​The big buck of the year in 2017 was nicknamed "Stickers". We actually saw this buck on our very first hunt in September and had many encounters with him throughout the season. When we had hunters that possibly would like to shoot him he would not show his head. But finally during the rut Corey showed up at the lodge looking to harvest a respectable buck so we sent him to the far west side of the ranch,where Glen and Wayne had just a couple days before had seen a couple good bucks. We informed Corey that "Stickers" had been seen here a couple of times as well. He didn't show alot of interest due to the price increase to the next level. So of course guess who showed up in front of them during the first hunt (Stickers) and once Corey saw this magnificent animal in person the price level is the last thing to come to mind. He decided that this is a once in a lifetime chance now it just needs to present the right shot. "Stickers" walked out of sight  at one time,then back in. But not at the right angle and this is the type of scenario that causes bad decisions due to adrenaline,but they kept their cool and finally got the angle needed for a deadly shot. 

  Congratulations on a tremendous buck of a lifetime. For those hoping to see "Stickers" this year during hunting season you will have to travel to Corey's house to see him on his wall- Maybe he will let you take a picture as well.

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