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Oklahoma Deer Hunts

Ranked as one of the Top Oklahoma Trophy Whitetail Deer Hunting Destinations in 2016 by Ranch Review and Outfitter Connection!

Management Buck: $1,500

Up to 170": $3,500

Over 170": $5,500

200"+: $10,000

Prices above include 2 nights lodging, drinks, meals and guides.

Additional nights: $100.00 per night per hunter.

Discounts are available for large groups.

Prices below are without lodging and meals.

Management Buck: $1,000

Up to 170": $3,000

Over 170": $5,000

200"+: $10,000

Additional Services (additional cost):

Game Skinning and Quartering

Meat Processing


We searched for the perfect property to sustain a quality healthy trophy whitetail deer herd. Our 1200-acre property naturally produces a vast amount of food during the whole year: from mast producing trees to cool season grasses giving our herd a variety of natural habitat. Our whitetail buck live weights will many times reach 250+ lbs. Oklahoma deer at Trails End range from the 120" class to 200" plus with many different antler types from typical big frame to the massive and non-typical with multiple point racks and everything in between. In recent years, the median buck taken has been between 150" to the 170" class.

Oklahoma Deer Hunting

Whitetail Deer Hunting Prices

Oklahoma Deer Hunting
Deer Hunting Oklahoma

What to Bring on your Oklahoma Deer Hunting Trip:

Weapon of Choice


Camouflage Clothing and orange vest and hat

Good Boots


Rain Suit

COOLER to transport your meat home in

The focus we have on harvesting an animal is not baiting and waiting for the game, we catch the trophy whitetail deer in their natural habitat moving to and from feeding and bedding areas. With no feeders, out we must do our homework on the natural movement of the deer as their food sources change with the seasons. Therefore, when deer hunting in Oklahoma we offer archery, rifle, muzzleloader or pistol guided or unguided still hunts or spot and stalk hunts, using portable blinds to easily set and reset as needed.

We can accommodate one hunter or large groups with our lodge, guides, and cook; who can cook for any dietary needs.

If you do not have an opportunity to harvest the animal you are pursuing all you owe is the lodging & guide fee. A deposit of $500 will hold reservation. A no kill will be charged $500 for food and lodging for a two night hunt. All hunters will be 1x1 with a guide to help ensure success. Non hunters are charged at $100 per day for food and lodging. If a shot results in a wounded animal, the hunter will pay the full cost of the animal as estimated by the guide prior to your shot. All hunts are ended when guide feels all options have been exhausted.

To hold hunt dates, deposit is half down; the balance is due at time of hunt. Personal checks or cashier checks accepted for deposit. All hunts are limited so it’s best to book early.

Our Whitetail Deer Hunting Property

Trophy whitetail deer are our specialty here at Trails End Sanctuary, and the Oklahoma deer hunts are world class. We have over 20 years of quality experience in Oklahoma guided deer hunts and whitetail deer ranch management and have been doing genetic research since 1992. We have discovered that with the right genetics, the cost of high priced premium feeds is not necessary to have quality trophy whitetail; which in turn keeps our cost down to help keep your Oklahoma hunts more affordable.

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Deer Hunting in Oklahoma

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